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USI Fiber Expands to FRN

fiber-2US Internet (USI) has chosen parts of the Field Regina Northrop neighborhood as one of the next areas in Minneapolis to receive fiber-optic internet connections in 2015. The map above highlights in purple the streets that are currently planned to receive fiber connections between May and October this year. The areas not highlighted will receive high-speed internet options available at a later date.

Direct fiber-optic internet connections will allow users to access home internet speeds ranging from 25 Megabits to 1 Gigabit (1,000 Megabits) of service for both download and upload speeds. Service for the fastest speeds will cost $65 per month in 2015, with lower prices available for less bandwidth. If you are looking for even faster internet (and are willing to pay for it), there is also a 10-Gigabit service available, which according to USI is the fastest home internet service available in the country!

US Internet uses horizontal boring (an example of this tool is pictured below) in order to place multiple conduits in both the East and West Boulevards. A typical block has a 2′ x 3′ Handhole in the boulevard on both side of the street midblock with a conduit connecting the two. These points connect block to block typically on only the West side of the street. In cases where the blocks connect on the East side USI will need to place one or two additional handholes on the North or South ends of those blocks. From the center Handhole of each block the crews use horizontal boring to run a 1″ pipe to each of the customers houses once the subscribe.

USI Wireless will join CenturyLink and Comcast as the main wired internet access options for the neighborhood. US Internet’s subsidiary USI Wireless also operates wireless internet access for the City of Minneapolis. For more information and a detailed map, please visit:


Hiawatha Academies to begin construction


On Monday, April 6, Hiawatha Academies began construction of a new school building on the south side of the 46th Street & 17th Avenue block. Last year, the network of charter schools renovated and added an addition to the old Northrop School building to open its newest elementary school, Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Northrop. The new school building will initially serve Hiawatha Collegiate High School students before becoming a middle school – Hiawatha College Prep – Northrop in the 2018-19 academic year.

Construction is scheduled to take place this year from April 6 – Dec. 18. A Full PDF of the plan and the timeline is available for download here: Hiawatha Academies – Northrop Neighborhood Construction Update

2015 Annual Neighborhood Meeting

logo clear-01You are invited to attend the 2015 Field Regina Northrop annual meeting. Mark your calendars now for Thursday, April 30, at 7:00 p.m. at McRae Park. All residents are encouraged to attend for an opportunity to connect personally with our elected representatives, meet your current FRN board members, and to determine how your skills might help the neighborhood grow and thrive.

In additional to a financial report, the following speakers are scheduled to give updates:

  • City Council members Elizabeth Glidden and John Quincy
  • Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin
  • Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner Steffanie Musich
  • FRNNG President Willie Bridges

Get involved

Many important positions are open this year. These positions are: Treasurer, Secretary, Second Vice President, Education Committee chair, Greening Committee chair, Programs Committee chair, and Regina Neighborhood Representative. If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in the neighborhood, now is the time to make an impact. Positions have two-year terms and are limited to six years. Meetings occur on the third Wednesday of every month at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church from 6:30-8:00.

If you would like to place your name on the ballot for April 30th, please email the office at with your name, the position you are interested in and a short description of yourself. Write in canidates are also welcome.

Open Board Positions:

  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is in charge of the financial operations of the group, and ensures that all records and accounts are kept up to date. The Treasurer also makes financial records available for examination by the board by creating financial reports for review.
  • Secretary: The Secretary collects minutes for all meetings and ensures that standard operating procedures are followed by the group. The Secretary also makes all reports required by the board and by law and is in charge of organizing minutes and records of the group.
  • 2nd VP: The Second Vice President sits on the Executive Committee and will fill in for the first Vice President and President in case of absence. The Second Vice President also supervises the FRNNG Executive Director.

Open Committee Positions:

Committee Chairs also host mostly meetings with their committee members to discuss projects, build budgets and plan for the future. Leading a committee allows you to bring your vision to the neighborhood and provides a platform for interested neighbors to get things done. Each committee works with a budget and as chair you will have an opportunity to plan how that money can be invested in the neighborhood. Chair’s may set the committee meeting time and location that works best and the number of hours invested every month is up to you.

  • Greening: The Greening committee has many opportunities to make the neighborhood a better place. Current projects include improving the 35W sound wall plantings, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed Grant project, and wrapping utility boxes in artwork. Other potential projects can cover further environmental protections, tree plantings, general neighborhood beautification, or any thing else you can imagine to make the neighborhood a healthier, greener and more beautiful place.
  • Education: The chair of the education committee is responsible for enhancing the learning environment of area schools by fostering and encouraging greater neighborhood involvement. FRN is home to Field Middle school, the new Hiawatha Academy, and many young people who we want to connect with.
  •  Programs: The chair of the programs committee helps organize large annual events including the annual neighborhood celebration held in early June, Night on 48th Street that occurs in autumn, and a candidates’ forum in an election year.

Open Neighborhood Positions:

  • Regina Representative: This person represents the residents of the Regina Neighborhood on the Board. The Regina neighborhood is bound by 35W, 46th street, Chicago, and 42nd street and the representative must live in that area.  Neighborhood representative is a great way to get involved and learn how the group works.

If you would like more information about the April 30 annual meeting or the open positions, please call the FRNNG office at (612) 721-5424 or email The deadline to appear on the paper ballot is April 22nd. After the 22nd you may appear on the ballot as a write in candidate.