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Updating our Priorities

postcardThe Field Regina Northrop Phase I Neighborhood Revitalization Program or “NRP” was approved by the three neighborhoods and the City of Minneapolis in 1996, and allocated $2.7 million to 24 projects in FRN, including for housing, economic development, community safety, parks, and other projects. The Phase II NRP Plan was approved in 2005 for $1 million. Most of these funds have been expended, and the FRNNG Board is proposing reallocating and consolidating approximately $40,500 of the remaining $100,000 NRP I &II funds into six existing NRP Phase II strategies.

Follow these links for the neighborhoods’ Phase I and Phase II NRP plans or vist the city’s website at and clicking on “Field Regina Northrop.”

The remaining funds will be consolidated in pre-existing six Phase II strategies related to Business, Communications, Safety, Education, Greening and Parks and make it available for current needs of the Field, Regina, and Northrop neighborhoods. This update of NRP priorities does not create any new categories, and it reflects the the fact that many old NRP projects have been completed and have funds remaining. In order to access those funds, FRNNG must re-allocate them to NRP strategies that are still active.

Please join us on Tuesday, September 15, 2105 at 6:30 PM for information and a community vote to approve this reallocation. The meeting location is: Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church – 1620 E 46th Street. Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Table 1: Here is where funds would be coming from. This amount totals to $40,537.32, and would close out the FRNNG Phase I NRP Plan:

Phase Reallocate From Amount Notes
1 1.1.B.1 Economic Development/Technical Assistance $2,913.58 uncontracted
1 1.1.B.1 Economic Development/Technical Assist. $6,070.72 contract 11243
1 2.1.B.1 Resources Promotional Brochure $0.01 contract 11243
1 3.1.A.5 Community and Safety Outreach Worker $1.95 contract 11243
1 3.2.A.2 Parent / Youth Activities $295.00 contract 11243
1 5.1.B.4 Housing Fair $500.00 uncontracted
1 5.1.B.5 Vacant Boarded Housing $0.50 uncontracted
1 6.1.A.1 McRae Playground Improvements/Equipment $1,500.00 contract 11243
1 7.1.A.1 Office Staff Support $0.75 uncontracted
1 7.1.A.1 Office Staff Support for NRP $3,986.55 contract 11243
2 3.4.A.2 Planning, Cit Participation 25,268.26 uncontracted


Table  2: Where the funds would be re-allocated 

Phase Reallocate To Add funds Notes
1 2.1.A.1 Monthly Newsletter $5,052.06 Communications Committee
1 3.2.C.1 Acquire/ClearNW Corner 46th St/4th Ave. $1,184.47 Greening Committee
2 1.1.A.2 Commercial Improvement Program $8,000.00 Business Committee
2 Combine communications strategies 2.1.A.1-3 $11,000.00 Communications Committee
2 3.1.A.2 Block Clubs $5,000.00 Community and Safety Committee
2 4.1.A.2 Field/Northrop Schools Fencing $1,000.00 Education Committee
2 6.1.A.5 Improvements to Open Spaces $6,000.00 Greening Committee
2 Combine 6.1.A.1 and 6.1.A.4 $932.81 Parks Committee