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Committee Name Change Proposed

Proposal Renames Committee Name to Housing & Community Development Committee

By Ian Campbell and Nate Lansing

With new real estate developments being constructed around the City of Minneapolis at a seemingly breakneck pace, it’s only a matter of time before the Field Regina Northrop neighborhood begins to experience some of these changes. The FRNNG housing committee feels that it is important for residents of the neighborhood to have a committee who can act as a facilitator for conversations between neighborhood residents and developers interested in investing in our neighborhood.

At the January FRNNG board meeting, housing committee co-chair, Ian Campbell, proposed a motion to add “Community Development” to the name and responsibilities of the housing committee, which was unanimously approved. According to FRNNG bylaws, this change now must be presented in print to the public. The following are the changes being made to the committee name and Statement of Purpose:

Name: The FRNNG Housing Committee shall become the FRNNG Housing & Community Development Committee.

Statement of Purpose: The Housing & Community Development Committee’s Statement of Purpose shall be amended as indicated by wording in bold:

“The goal of the Housing & Community Development Committee is to promote a safe and healthy environment for all Field Regina Northrop neighborhood residents, developing housing strategies to rehabilitate existing housing stock and affordable rental housing, and to facilitate the responsible development of the built environment.”

Questions or comments regarding this change may be submitted to and

46th Street Update

By Chris Schommer

While the time-frame for resurfacing 46th Street has not changed from this summer, the 46th Street planning process has been slightly delayed. The delay is mostly due to several other other major Hennepin County planning projects that are occurring this winter and the slow task of coordination between different agencies. In this case Hennepin County, Minneapolis Public Works, and Metro transit.

Particularly troublesome is the busy area around the intersection of 46th and Nicollet, since Nicollet is now also scheduled resurfacing and restriping this summer that will need to interface with the 46th St project. Because of this original goal of a public meeting in March was pushed back to late April or early May with the intention of sharing a design option for the corridor that is fully engineered and stable so that neighborhood feedback on the project can be most useful and accurate.

Notice of a public meeting with Hennepin County and Minneapolis Public Works staff will be sent out via a postcard or our next Newsletter, and shared on our webpage and social media. If you would like to review the community developed concept from October or submit a comment to Hennepin County about your opinions, concerns or ideas for the project visit the Hennepin County project webpage at: transportation/46-street