4700 Cedar Ave Development presentation – Wednesday 2/15

In February the development group who is working on re-developing the abandoned gas station on the 4700 block of Cedar ave re-submitted their design to the Minneapolis planning commission for review after their initial proposal was tabled pending revisions. A diagram of the plan is shown here overlaid on the existing property. On Wednesday, February 15th the Architect in charge of designing the proposed redevelopment of 4700 Cedar will attend the Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood meeting to discuss the site plan and neighborhood concerns. The Presentation will take place at 6:30 at the beginning of the regularly scheduled monthly board meeting.

The meeting will take place  at the Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church on the main level. The address is 1620 E 46th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407. For more information please contact the office at (612) 721-5424

13 thoughts on “4700 Cedar Ave Development presentation – Wednesday 2/15

    1. Chris Schommer Post author

      This development is located on the other side of the street from Caribou, directly north of i.e. and on the location of Tom’s Popcorn and the closed gas station. The building with Tom’s Popcorn would be remodeled and the new drive through would be a new structure.

  1. Cindy

    There is already a coffee shop right there, Caribou, which is also a Minnesota corporation. Do we actually need another coffeeshop or something else brought in from elsewhere? Do we need a drive through anything in a south Minneapolis neighborhood? We’re trying to promote walkability in south Minneapolis. There is a great donut shop right up the parkway from this intersection, and other bakeries close also.

    1. pnread

      Cindy, if I remember correctly a German multi-national bought out the local ownership some years ago making Caribou Coffee a “sister” company to Einstein Bagels (among, I suspect, other brands.)

  2. Claudia Kremer

    A drive through added to that already congested strip of Cedar Ave S would only add to traffic backing up and more accidents. While I would like to see those eyesore properties rehabilitated, is another coffee shop the best addition to our neighborhood?

  3. AdriLisk

    Eek. There is a chain (caribou) and a wonderful small business (sister sludge) very nearby–and a drive thru is: a. going to add to congestion on an already terrible street and b. seems really out of line with urban design. Not sure what the motivation for this is, but small boutiques, a fitness center of some sort, etc. etc. all seem much more appropriate than another large chain coffee shop.

  4. Neil Pederson

    I do not support drive-throughs, as much as I sometimes want them when my toddler is asleep in the car. My opinion is that we need to promote walkability in our city, and creating more opportunities for a car to hit us pedestrians while we are on the sidewalk is not a move in the right direction. That area is already way to car-centric and scary to walk or bike. Crossing Cedar and the Parkway with my kids is very stressful as it is. I am sure that we can find developers who want to build something better.

  5. Erin Pruitt

    As a person with a vision impairment who walks, rather than drives, I have learned to avoid this commercial district. The intersections at 46th and Cedar and at the Parkway and Cedar are not safe for pedestrians. The business district has many driveways with little parking lots– lots of places for cars to cross over sidewalks. Many businesses lack a direct sidewalk to their entrances and a pedestrian has to cut through a parking lot. This area seems like it was designed for a suburban shopping district with priority access by car, not by foot. I would appreciate the FRNNA prioritizing the walkability of this commercial district and taking the safety of pedestrians into greater consideration for all new construction.

  6. Bunny Anderson

    We need to promote business in Mpls in general and the Cedar Av/pkwy area is fully commercial. I live on 18th Av and people walk there everyday. They leave various debris behind so I know it’s a popular street, without car fumes!

  7. Sean Conley

    I agree with the comments about the coffee shop. We already have plenty, and while Caribou is in fact no longer Minnesota-owned, it still is headquartered here and it employs many Minnesotans in its production facility. I would prefer to support them and Sister Sludge.

    Traffic is only getting worse in the area of this proposed development, and as the commentor above pointed out, it’s not at all safe for pedestrians or cyclists as it is right now. Adding high-turnover businesses to the mix will only make it worse. I hope upon approving this plan, the city also has a proposal for traffic calming for the area as well.

  8. Matt

    PLEASE NO STARBUCKS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!! This will cause major traffic problems of which there already are enough along this stretch of Cedar Ave. I grew up in the neighborhood and would like to keep it more of a neighborly feel. Starbucks Corp. does not belong in this neighborhood. (plus their coffee is terrible!)

  9. Jim

    I agree, another coffee shop does not seem like the best fit. Have the developers considered a 2-story building, with some combination of retail, office, and/or apartments? Maybe like a smaller version of the Shenandoah Building on 48th & Chicago, with retail on the ground floor and office(s) above?
    2 stories would not be excessive on that lot, and it is a counter-proposal that gives the developers something they want (more rentable square footage).
    We want investment in our neighborhood, but we want it to have broad, long-term benefits. And developers need to make money or they will go somewhere else. It’s possible to have both, but not if we, the residents, just say ‘no’ in that whiny way. We, the residents, need to work together with developers and the city to get investment that is good for all parties.

  10. Jeri Elsner

    I see they have broke ground and are working on the foundation of the property next to the gas station, and have the parking lot of the gas station/popcorn shoppe, etc torn up. Do you know what is going in these spots yet, or are they still open to lease by the owner of the property/properties?


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