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Regina Neighborhood Cleanup Day on Sat. July 28

The FRNNG Community and Safety Committee is hosting a neighborhood cleanup on Sat. July 28 from 10:00am – 12:00pm. We need your help! The event will spruce up your neighborhood and give you a chance to meet and work with your Regina neighbors. 

We will meet at Evangelist Crusaders Church at 43074th Avenue at 10:00 am. The committee will assign streets to cover, and we’ll all work together to pick up loose debris and recycling materials from our boulevards and gutters.

To thank you for all your hard work, we are having BBQ afterward from 12:00-1:30 pm in the church parking lot. There will also be prize drawings! You can register for the cleanup by emailing or simply show up and join the fun!

Join us for the 2018 Southside Sprint!

The most popular amateur bike race in Minnesota is taking place this weekend. Come join your neighbors for the conclusion of the Big Waters Classic with the 2018 Southside Sprint on Sun. July 22. Each sprint starts at 48th Street and Chicago and follows a ¾ mile loop. The adult races kick off at 8:00 am and go until around 4:00 pm. 

The kids’ race is at 2:30 pm. It is free to register, and kids ages 4-12 can register to join the race on the day of the event. There will also be family friendly activities going on all day. Kids can make art with their race numbers, practice their sidewalk art skills and have their faces painted.

Come see more than 400 amateur racers showcasing their speed and skill! Get more details at

Meeting for the toddlers parade

Who’s looking forward to the parade this weekend? For any parents and toddlers planning to attend, please line up at on the corner of 48th & Chicago Avenue at 11:15 am on Sat. June 30. FRNNG Mom Emily Poskie-Wilson will be leading the parents and children in the parade. She will have a nametag, so you can spot her right away. See you Saturday!

Annual Parade & Celebration Rescheduled for June 30

Field Regina Northrop has rescheduled its annual neighborhood celebration to Saturday, June 30, at McRae Park. The event will go on rain or shine, and will move inside to Field Community School, if need be.

The celebration starts with a parade. The parade will feature marching drummers, dancers, local representa­tives and free candy for the kids. If you’d like to join the parade, come meet us at 10:45 am at the Field School parking lot (46th Street and 4th Avenue). The parade starts at 11 am and will kick-start the festivities at McRae Park.

The celebration will include many family-friend activities and will start around 11:45 am. There will be live pony rides, a giant inflatable slide & castle, live music, face painting, and more. Everyone’s favorite local bands will be playing , so come listen to the Field School Band, Night Stones and Mactir Irish Dancers. FRNNG will also be raffling off a Nintendo Switch and a 60″ Smart TV.

Let’s not forget about grub! There will be food trucks from El Burrito Mercado and Wha’ Jamaican Authentic Bistro. Plus free ice cream for everyone to enjoy.

Come on out and say hello to your neighbors, visit your park, learn more about your community and enjoy this much-anticipated warm weather!

Letter from the FRNNG President Willie Bridges

Hello FRN,

Willie Bridges

Willie Bridges, FRNNG President

I came across a letter that I had sent to Scott Benson, past city council member, a number of years ago, in 2001. In it, I was talking about the importance of our community having control of what we would like our community to look and be like. FRN, fast-forward to today, and we are still having a similar conversation with the City on its new 2020 plan.

The conversation will be about some of the same issues, including who should control what…our communities themselves or our city council? When I look back on our neighborhood over the years, I think we’ve done a good job on improving our FRN community. Of course, there is still more good work that we can accomplish together, such as using our loan program to fix up housing The business community here can continue to evolve and prosper, with our retail and service pockets, such as at 47th and Cedar, and 48th and Chicago, as well as our other small businesses in the neighborhood. Our McRae Park building could benefit from some improvements, such as maybe air conditioning.

Of the years that I’ve enjoyed being our FRN community president, I think what I’ve enjoyed the most has been the opportunity to meet and get to know a lot of you, the people in our communities. I really tried to look out for the good of the whole, while knowing that I’m not going to be able to please everyone.

We’ve talked about community-related issues such as bike and vehicle lanes co-existing, having a new coffee shop enter the area, the need for low-income housing options, about the potential block development where our Walgreens is now located and parking in the business area. These are all ongoing issues that still need to be addressed.

FRN, you have been and are a great community of people. You’ve undoubtedly given thousands of hours of your time as volunteers to our community and in many capacities through the FRN committees: Business, Communications, Community & Safety, Education, Greening, Housing, and Parks. You’ve also volunteered on the board of FRN and as neighborhood representatives. Thank you for your contributions. I would also like to thank our one FRN staff member, Stearline Rucker, for all the hard work she has done for our neighborhood.

FRN, thank you for allowing me to be president of FRN these last four years. Though I’m not running again for office, I will continue being involved and proactive in and for our neighborhoods.

I wish whoever comes after me the very best. I also ask that whoever is elected to the position remember that he or she needs to always regard the good of the whole community, as well as representing and being the voice of our community, to the larger group of our City of Minneapolis and city council.

Join Our Annual Neighborhood Celebration

Field Regina Northrop is hosting its annual neighborhood celebration on Saturday, June 2 at McRae Park. This event starts with a parade at 11 a.m., featuring marching drummers, dancers, and local, elected representatives. The parade ends at McRae Park, and it will kick-start the rest of the festivities.

The carnival at the park includes live pony rides, urban chickens, a giant inflatable slide & castle, music, and other family-friend activities. Returning music favorites include the Field School Band, Night Stones, and Mactir Irish Dancers.

There will also be free ice cream and food trucks from El Burrito Mercado and Wha’ Jamaican Authentic bistro. We will be raffling off a Nintendo Switch and a 60″ Smart TV.

Come out to connect with your neighbors, celebrate your community, and enjoy this much-anticipated warm weather! The event takes place rain or shine. Hope to see you there!

FRNNG Committee Meetings are Open to the Public

The Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group works to create a community with safe streets, quality schools, stable and well-maintained housing, supportive commercial businesses and parks and recreational facilities that can be enjoyed by all segments of the community.

The FRNNG achieves these goals through the work of its committee. Each committee meets on a monthly basis, and the meetings are open for residents to attend.

Business Committee

The goal of the Business Committee is to engage and support the businesses in the Field, Regina and Northrop communities. This means partnering with the City of Minneapolis to support the business community, as well as connecting with individual businesses to help them utilize existing resources. The goal is help local businesses thrive, which in turn helps the community prosper.

The committee meets 1st Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at Turtle Bread Company located at 4762 Chicago Avenue.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works to maintain two-way and timely communication networks between neighbors, FRNNG, McRae Park, churches, businesses and other organizations that contribute to the quality of life in the Field Regina Northrop neighborhood. Some of the communications include a bi-monthly newsletter, FRNNG’s website and social media. These tools allow the committee to disseminate information quickly to the neighborhood.

The committee meets every 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Sovereign Grounds located at 813 E. 48th St.

Community and Safety Committee

The Community and Safety Committee strives to promote a safe and healthy environment in the Field Regina Northrop neighborhood. The committee partners with area businesses and organizations, as well as block club leaders and representatives from the 3rd Precinct. to achieve its goal of a safe community.

The committee meets 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at McRae Park.

Education Committee

The Education Committee works to improve the learning environment of area schools, the perception of these schools and also to encourage community involvement with the schools.

This committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at McRae Park in the Arts and Crafts room.

Greening Committee

The Greening Committee strives to support and develop environmental programs for the Field Regina Northrop neighborhood. These programs beautify and promote the future health of the neighborhood.

The committee meets 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Turtle Bread Company located at 4762 Chicago Avenue.

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee develops housing strategies to rehabilitate existing housing stock and create affordable rental housing. The committee’s activities include, but are not limited to, providing loans and grants to property owners for home improvements and helping host the annual South Minneapolis Housing Fair. The fair provides education for the community.

The committee meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall Tap located at 4810 Chicago Ave.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee organizes the annual neighborhood celebration, silent auction event and during an election year, the candidates’ forum.

Parks Committee

The Parks Committee maintains an inviting and appealing atmosphere at McRae Park to encourage use. The park provides a place for neighbors to gather and fosters a sense of community in the Field Regina Northrop neighborhood.

The committee meets first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at McRae Park.

Visit the events calendar for all the committee meeting dates.