FRNNG is Hiring

The Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group (FRNNG) is looking to hire several motivated people to help maintain our commutations with the neighborhood via our newsletter, website and social media. Qualified applicants should send applications and questions to by Friday January 31st for priority review. Individuals may apply for more than one position.

FRNNG Newsletter editor/project manager

FRNNG Newsletter editor/project manager position job description (PDF)

This person is collaborative, organized, and resourceful, and is experienced with editing non-fiction text. We seek someone to work collaboratively with the communications committee, layout designer, and proofreader to edit all of the text for a 12-page, bi-monthly neighborhood newsletter. 

FRNNG Newsletter layout designer

FRNNG Newsletter layout designer position job description (PDF)

The newsletter designer is collaborative and creative, able to lay out text and visual elements in an attractive, appropriate manner. The layout is for a 12-page, full-color newsletter that is produced six times per year for a vibrant community of 4,000 addresses in south Minneapolis. The layout features the content in a visually appealing manner and is easily accessible to the reader in terms of spacing, typography, placement, and other considerations.

FRNNG Newsletter proofreader

FRNNG Newsletter proofreader position job description (PDF)
The newsletter proofreader is a collaborative, detail-driven person who is experienced with proofreading text in a Word document or Google Doc, in a layout, and also as a PDF. The proofreader will work with the editor, proofing all articles once before they are used in a layout and again after the layout is complete.

FRNNG Web/Social Media Content Manager

FRNNG Web/Social Media Content Manager Job Description job description (PDF)

This individual is responsible for managing website and social media content, keeping abreast of current industry standards and making sure content stays up to date and relevant. Individual will make recommendations to the FRNNG board concerning its website or social media activities, effectiveness and outreach.

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