New Field Regina Northrop Logo

oldThe familiar  green FRNNG logo which appears on our neighborhood entrance signs, webpage, social media, and mailings is very familiar to residents and has been in use for many years.

However in many situations, this logo is no longer able to meet the needs of the neighborhood. It’s singular vertical nature makes it difficult to use on the web and social media, as well as other more traditional placements such as return addresses labels. This winter the Neighborhood Group decided to explore new options for a FRNNG logo that might provide more functionality as well as reflect the current, past and future nature of the neighborhood.

logo clear-01We returned to Jen Nagorski who we hired to redesign Close to Home for inspiration and she provided us with several strong directions. During the design process, the team determined that the familiar three leaf motif would have to be retired, opting instead for a single leaf intended to unite the thee neighborhoods. The Maple was chosen for it’s visual strength and reflects the large maple population in the neighborhood. To help create a better sense of place for the neighborhood we decided to incorporate the literal map of the three neighborhoods into the logo by drawing the borders of 35W, Minnehaha creek, Cedar Ave and 42nd Street. Each neighborhood is highlighted by a unique color.

maopTo tie FRN to the larger Nokomis area and to further define the neighborhood’s place in the city we also included the distinctive Minnehaha Creek outline at the bottom of the logo. This also gives some natural motion to the shape and highlights our neighborhood’s status as being located fully in the Minnehaha watershed district.

cutoutFor improved legibility we have moved away from the previous serif style font to a san-serif condensed font for our headline, and Neighborhood Group will appear in title case using the script font to reflect the flowing creek of the logo. This logo is intended to serve both as the logo for Field Regina Northrop as a neighborhood and the neighborhood Group, so the text can be changed to fit the need.

We hope to start using the new logo immediately, starting by replacing our long faded neighborhood entrance signs as well as our webpage and social media accounts. As new items come up for promotion or replacement we hope that this new logo will prove a flexible and friendly icon for our neighborhood for years to come.


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