Notice to FRNNG community concerning proposed reallocation of Town Oaks and CRP Reserve funds

FRNNG is proposing a modification to the Field Regina Northrop NRP plans for the following:

(1) Revise the language of Phase 1 strategy 5.1.A.2 “Town Oaks Townhome WATER System” to provide authority to the FRNNG board to approve reallocation of program income from repayment of the loan to Phase II Strategy 5.1.A.1 “Home Improvement Loans and Grants”. This will allow the FRNNG board to quickly reallocate funds for additional home repair loans.

(2) Reallocate $50,965.46 of CPP Reserve Funds to Phase 3 Strategy 1.1.4 “2017-20 Engagement Efforts” to provide for, among other things, continued publication of FRNNG newsletters and other community engagement activities.

The community will have the opportunity to discuss and vote on these changes to the neighborhood NRP plans on March 20, 2020 at 6:30 at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church, 1620 East 46th St. 55407.

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