Organics recycling opt-in starting now

Curbside organics recycling is coming to Minneapolis Solid Waste customersparticipants. Residents now have a black cart for garbage and a blue one for recycling. Organics will be collected in green carts. Any organics from the home can be put in the green cart for pickup on the same day garbage is picked up. Customers must opt in to receive this service and will be invited to sign up starting in April. But people don’t have to wait; any Minneapolis Solid Waste customer can sign up now. Service will be available to 25% percent of customers starting in August; the rest of the city will begin participating in spring 2016. The routes beginning this summer will be chosen based on the geographical areas that have the most residents sign up this spring.

Organics collection includes all food scraps including fruits, vegetables, bones, meat trimmings, breads, pasta, nut shells, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags and dairy products. Some of these items can’t be managed in a backyard compost bin. Organics recycling also includes food-soiled paper that can’t be recycled in the blue cart such as paper towels, napkins, facial tissues, wax paper, egg cartons and pizza boxes. (Paper items lined with plastic are not accepted.) Other things that can go into organics recycling include wood chopsticks, wood Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, dryer lint, animal and human hair, certified compostable plastic and houseplant trimmings. Organics will need to be placed in compostable bags inside the green cart to keep the cart clean year-round and to avoid having recycled materials freeze to the cart during the winter.

You can get a head start and sign up for your green bin today by emailing or by calling 612-673-2917


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