Plants and flowers for 2nd Avenue

49thNeighbors:  As you may know or have read, the Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group (FRNNG) Greening Committee has been working to maintain the lands east and adjacent to the sound barrier walls of 35W South running from 42nd Street to 51st Street along 2nd Avenue South.  We have made a lot of progress in maintaining the lands (mowing) with some planting of perennial flowers & plants since May, 2015 to today.

The next phase of our maintenance efforts includes planting as many perennial plants and flowers along the wall to meet two goals 1) add some flower/color to the expanse of wall space; and 2) lessen the amount of land that will need to be mowed annually. With the cooperation of neighbors across several communities, we will make our first planting effort during the next month or so with a call for neighbors to split and donate perennial plants & flowers that do well in Minnesota’s climate.

Call for plants & flowers:  If you are splitting plants/flowers over the next month, please consider donating some of these to FRNNG’s Greening Committee for planting along 2ndAvenue; 2nd Avenue remains a primary thoroughfare for most who are entering or exiting 35W South.  We are looking for a variety of plants including hostas (sun-worthy) and other hostas; false indigo(baptisia); varieties of Bee Balm; Black-Eyed Susan; Aster, cone-flowers; Joe Pye; ornamental grasses, Asiatic Lillies, Lillies, etc.  While it is understood that these propagate over time, we are less interested in plants that are so invasive that we will spend our time, excising the overgrowth.  Of course, the Greening Committee welcomes all donations with some description of the plant’s needs (sun, shade, dry, soggy, etc.) – any added guidance or cautionary notes regarding donated plants is appreciated.  For plants or flowers that are best split in the spring, please keep FRNNG Greening’s needs in mind.  Send us an email of spring split and we’ll track back to you in spring, 2016. Email to

HELP IN DIGGING OUT PLANTS: We will help dig/separate plants/flowers for those who are not able to do so or would appreciate a little help. We’ll do our best to keep up with requests for help in the digging & separating effort. Please provide contact information & address, as appropriate.  Patience is appreciated. Email to

PLANT DROP OFF:  If you are able to drop-off plants, please do so to 205 East 48thStreet (between 2nd & 3rd Avenue South – Maroon House with orange door).  Plants may be left on the garage pad (signs will mark the place).   If you have difficulty in lifting or transporting, please call Tim Price 612-385-2297 or email to: Timis willing to help if you are traveling to his home to drop off plants if possible.

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