USI Fiber Expands to FRN

fiber-2US Internet (USI) has chosen parts of the Field Regina Northrop neighborhood as one of the next areas in Minneapolis to receive fiber-optic internet connections in 2015. The map above highlights in purple the streets that are currently planned to receive fiber connections between May and October this year. The areas not highlighted will receive high-speed internet options available at a later date.

Direct fiber-optic internet connections will allow users to access home internet speeds ranging from 25 Megabits to 1 Gigabit (1,000 Megabits) of service for both download and upload speeds. Service for the fastest speeds will cost $65 per month in 2015, with lower prices available for less bandwidth. If you are looking for even faster internet (and are willing to pay for it), there is also a 10-Gigabit service available, which according to USI is the fastest home internet service available in the country!

US Internet uses horizontal boring (an example of this tool is pictured below) in order to place multiple conduits in both the East and West Boulevards. A typical block has a 2′ x 3′ Handhole in the boulevard on both side of the street midblock with a conduit connecting the two. These points connect block to block typically on only the West side of the street. In cases where the blocks connect on the East side USI will need to place one or two additional handholes on the North or South ends of those blocks. From the center Handhole of each block the crews use horizontal boring to run a 1″ pipe to each of the customers houses once the subscribe.

USI Wireless will join CenturyLink and Comcast as the main wired internet access options for the neighborhood. US Internet’s subsidiary USI Wireless also operates wireless internet access for the City of Minneapolis. For more information and a detailed map, please visit:


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